Meet our dedicated leaders.

Pastor and First Lady Davis have committed their lives to serving God. Pray for our leaders as they continue to lead their congregation in the likeness of God’s work and his will.

Brother Chris Davis

Brother Chris Davis



Pastor’s Bio

Elder Christopher Davis

Heralding all the way from Gary, Indiana, Pastor Chris moved to Texas looking for a job, not knowing that ultimately his job would be that of pastor. He was given a charge from Pastor Harese Lawrence on December 5, 1999 to speak the word, an uncompromising gospel. He accepted the charge and preached his first sermon at New True Vine in January of 2000. The sermon was entitled, “Shut the Door–You’re Letting the Devil In.” He found himself helping out around the church and was instrumental in helping to build the new facility on Robinson Road. After the new building was completed, he continued assisting Pastor Lawrence with maintenance and ministry and continued until the mantle fell on him. As a man of compassion with a shepherd’s heart he continues to preach a not so popular uncompromising gospel. If you like the straight truth, you’ll like Pastor Chris. 

He is a lover of music and played bass guitar and drums as a younger man. He also likes to sing and labels his singing as “making a joyful noise.” Earlier in life he learned building skills from his father and enjoys tinkering with lawn mowers. As a result, he has developed good mechanical skills which have proven invaluable to the church and to his family. Finally, as an artist, he made national news when he was commissioned to paint a series of murals on the cafeteria walls of a former employer. The murals were featured in the Dallas Morning News and in the Associated Press news network.

Brother Davis met the lovely Sister Brown in 1987. It was love on second date. They have four sons, one daughter and grandchildren.


Sister Gwen Davis

Sister Gwen Davis

First Lady


 First lady’s Bio

 Sister Gwendolyn Davis

It was her destiny to be the elect lady of New True Vine Miracle Tabernacle. She has been in training for this chosen position since the age of 10 when she received the gift of the Holy Ghost. She was taught by the example of our founding pastor, Sister Travis Lawrence, that prayer, study and fasting are the keys to success in God. Later, she was told by Pastor Harese Lawrence that she would hold a very high office in the church but had no idea that it would be that of the first lady. Her mentor is the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31.

She has been active in many areas of the ministry. As a teenager, she saw the need for youth to be involved and organized many youth programs including youth choir, Vacation Bible School and other programs. As a young person, she never felt that she was “drug” to the church because she enjoyed church services and activities.

She always says that her church sent her to college because she received so much support from the pastors and members of the church throughout her college years. She returned home after graduation with a business degree in education and continued working in the church. Her teaching experience has been a plus in the ministry and coincides with her calling as a teacher. She currently serves on the praise team, coordinates church curriculum and serves as the church administrator. Having a master’s degree in educational technology leadership is helpful in her role as church administrator. She is a Business Education Teacher who enjoys working with young people.

The love of her life “found” her at True Vine when he came to check her out in May of 1987. Pastor Chris and Lady Gwen fell in love on their second date and were married in September of 1987. They have four sons, one daughter, and grandchildren. Their love for music was passed on to the Davis boys, who are all musicians. 





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