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Our History

Since the beginning of this church, God has worked wonderful miracles in the lives of those from the past and the present.
We know that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. 

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September 1st, 1965
  • The 1st Recorded Prayer Meeting happened at 8:10 pm at the home of Brother Harese & Sister Travis Lawrence. Minutes recorded by Brother Townsend
November 10, 1965

Officially organized a prayer band called Holy Sanctified Mission. Officers appointed were Brother Harese Lawrence as the President and Sister Frances Johnson as the Assistant Treasurer and Secretary.

August 7, 1967

Trustees agreed to purchase three 25 ft. lots on Southwest 14th Street, Block 107, Lots 4, 5 & 6.

$200 withdrawn for down payment 

Loan application $850

March 1968

Trustees met and rented church building at 2002 Beaumont Street, Grand Prairie. Brother Lawrence was appointed Sunday School Superintendent.

  • Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
  • Sunday Service 11:00 a.m.
  • Tuesday & Friday night service
  • Saturday Noon Prayer 

    Our support goes to overseas missions Brother A.A.  Allen 

July 16, 1972

Purchased a tent $150

1st service in tent July 21, 1972


  • Brother Lawrence put up a tent on the new property
  • Services were held under the tent until the foundation was poured. 
  • A great wind tore up the tent. He repaired it once but the wind got to it again. 
  • Services on the concrete foundation of the new building. 
  • Sun beaming down on the saints of God, Brother Lawrence had compassion & nailed 2 X 4s over our heads to block sun’s rays. 
The Builder (Second Building after Tent)

One Friday night at the end of service, Pastor Travis Lawrence instructed everyone to fold up their chairs because the church would be moving.  They had purchased some property on S.W. 14th Street but there was no building.  Pastor Travis pondered and sought the Lord about a builder. Later, Brother Harese Lawrence told her that he was the builder. She confirmed that he would be the master builder. He was assisted by the church’s only deacon, Bro. Robert Godley, who worked tirelessly with him through completion of the building.


Pastor Travis Passed, 1992

Pastor Travis Lawrence passed away in 1992 of colon cancer.  She believed God to the end, but evidently God was ready to bring her on to Glory and healed her on the other side.  She had definitely fought a good fight, finished her course and kept the faith. She was succeeded by her husband and assistant pastor, Elder Harese Lawrence who pastored until his death in 2004.

New Beginnings (The New True Vine)
  • Elder Harese Lawrence appointed pastor
  • Elder Lawrence continued with the vision of the 7-Year Plan that the Lord had given him to build a new building on Robinson Road. When it was completed, a march was planned from the old building on 14th Street to the new building.  We did not actually march (we drove), but the first service was held on April 30, 2000. He changed the name of the church to New True Vine in July of  2002.
2nd Interim Pastor (Brother Chris Davis)
  • The charge to preach was given by Elder Lawrence December 5, 1999
  • Bro. Chris preached 1st sermon at True Vine January 2000, “Shut the Door, You’re Letting the Devil In”
  • He assisted Pastor Lawrence with construction of the Robinson Road building 2000-2001
  • Christopher Davis appointed interim pastor by Prophetess Lucy Taylor January 2005
  • Appointed as pastor December 25, 2005 on his birthday
December 25, 2005-Present

Elder Christopher Davis was appointed pastor of New True Vine Miracle Tabernacle. Joining him to the call was his wife, and now First Lady Gwendolyn Davis.




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